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Economics, Finance, Statistics, Valuation, Forensic Accounting, and Data Analysis.

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Phillips, Fractor & Company, LLC provides litigation support, expert witness testimony, and sound research.  Our services include economic, financial, and statistical analysis as well as valuation, forensic accounting, and data analytics.  We offer creative, effective, scientifically appropriate, discrete, ethical research and testimony tailored to our clients’ unique needs.  Our positioning as a boutique firm with international capability allows us to look at each problem with a fresh perspective.  We provide professional, personalized expert services to each client.

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Complex economic analysis performed, applied, and clearly explained.


Highly trained labor and business economists analyze and interpret data relating to human capital, intellectual property, lost profits, and other litigation matters.


We provide financial analysis, asset valuation services, and complicated compensation analysis for finance-related litigation.


Using quantitative and scientifically sound methods, we evaluate employment-related statistics, perform demographic analysis, analyze failure rates and warranty statistics, and so much more.


Our valuation experts provide business valuations for dissolutions, sales, mergers, and divorces.

Forensic Accounting

Our accountants investigate and analyze malfeasance, embezzlement, contractual disputes, misappropriation of trade secrets, executive performance issues, and lost profits.

Data Analysis

Whether providing guidance on data discovery or extracting and analyzing vast amounts of data, our team has the experience to interpret and clearly communicate facts applicable to your case.