Surveys and Questionnaires

The PFC team uses modern survey and questionnaire methods to design appropriate studies, samples, forms, and questions.  We can assist you with primary data collection.  Our services include the creation of questionnaires for use in depositions and declarations. Our team will analyze, interpret, and clearly present the results.

We understand the need for non-biased questions and double-blind surveys.  We have experience facilitating surveys related to several litigation areas, including product liability, reputational damage, brand confusion, trademarks, and particular kinds of discrimination.

Our experts can also design sampling plans and questionnaires for use in employment-related class action cases.  We know how to analyze and interpret aggregate results while also incorporating individual respondents’ traits.  Before you conduct a survey or distribute a questionnaire, make sure you ask the appropriate people the relevant questions.  You can rely on the PFC team to compile a questionnaire or design and facilitate a representative survey.

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