Statistical Analysis

We excel at providing appropriate and scientifically based data analysis.  PFC econometricians and statisticians can perform and interpret a highly customized complex analysis or simply generate a routine randomized list.  When it comes to hypotheses testing, construction of forecasts, predictive analytics, sample design, and most other quantitative or data-driven analyses, we can provide it. 

We possess the skills to evaluate employment-related statistics, analyze failure rates, and evaluate warranty statistics.  When it comes to disparate impact and disparate treatment claims, we can also assess marketing data, interpret and model census and government data, and address other statistical aspects.  Using quantitative methods, we can find meaningful and understandable insights from case data that would otherwise remain hidden or obscured.  Let us handle your complex statistical analysis.

The PFC team also assists with discovering, modeling, interpreting, and reviewing the opposing sides’ data and analyses.  We can construct databases to organize data from raw documents and third-party sources.  The PFC team adds statistical confidence to your case.

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