Real Estate and Land Use

PFC experts can perform statistical valuation, economic and financial analysis of land use and real estate activities, and create hedonic regression models to measure the value of qualitative aspects of property.  We can assist with most types of financial and valuation aspects of real estate and land use litigation.  For example, our team members have helped clients address: 

  • Impact of Power Lines on Land Prices 
  • Impact of a Landfill on Surrounding Property Values
  • Potential Discrimination by Landlords
  • Economic Effects of Development and Regulation
  • Financial Impact of Zoning and Codes
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Proximity to Fire Stations and Other Potential Noise Issues

Our finance and economics PhDs can assess the loss of business value from construction defects, construction failure, nearby public works construction, and potential environmental contamination impacts.  We have testified about the relevancy of regression analysis to railroad right-of-way easement rents.  In addition, PFC team members have significant academic publications in this area.  The PFC team can help with your real estate & land use litigation matters.

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