Present Value Analysis

If the phrase “time value of money” makes you shrug (or shudder), we want to help.  Calculating the time value of money is a task at which we excel.  Other aspects of present value analysis include:

  • Allocating and Returning Capital Over Time
  • Measuring Appropriate Risks
  • Analyzing Capitalization and Value
  • Comparing Actual Performance to Benchmarks
  • Formulating Cost of Capital and Computing Appropriate Discount Rates
  • Analyzing Specific Business and Industry Trends, Seasonality, and Other Factors
  • Analyzing Business Plans
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Calculating Rates of Return
  • Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Excess Compensation Analysis

The PFC team consists of finance professors, portfolio managers, practicing CPAs, and corporate financial executives.  We select professionally and scientifically appropriate standards and methods.  We use these scientific tools and techniques to perform relevant analyses of most cash value situations.  After analysis, we provide our clients with clearly compiled results and testimony, if needed.  Past clients include attorneys, investment managers, corporate planners, and tax authorities.  If your case requires present value analysis, contact the PFC team.

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