Labor & Employment

The PFC team has extensive experience providing analysis in most areas of labor and employment matters.  These matters may involve a single plaintiff, multiple plaintiffs, or a class action.  From the economist’s desk, there are three primary sub-types.

  1. Wrongful Termination
  2. Discrimination
  3. Compensation

Each of these sub-types is discussed in more depth below.

If you are involved with a class action suit, please see our Class Action – Employment & Compensation page for more information.

Wrongful Termination & Related Employment Actions

Many of our Labor & Employment cases involve computations related to loss of past earnings and benefits as well as mitigation path analysis.  We have experience in most aspects of lost compensation due to alleged wrongful termination.  We are also experienced in working on cases involving wrongful recruitment, wrongful promotion, whistleblowing, and misrepresentations.  Depending upon the nature of the assignment and the facts of the case, we have estimated loss projections, offset earnings, analyzed the consequences of a failure to promote, performed labor market research, and provided critical analyses of the work of opposing experts.


We can provide a statistical analysis of compensation disparity due to a range of protected characteristics.  Our team members can provide statistical analysis for disparate impact and disparate treatment, glass ceiling issues, and analysis of alleged damages from wrongful termination.  We help with cases involving constructive discharge, failure to accommodate, disability issues, workplace injuries, wrongful recruitment, wrongful promotion, whistleblowing, and misrepresentations.  Our team can also assist in case matters involving unsafe, hostile, or toxic work environments.


Our team of financial analysts and accountants can help with litigation matters that involve economic and financial losses relating to the compensation of individuals, including executives.  These losses may involve financial instruments, options, royalties, pension and fiduciary-related issues, and employment-related contracts, including non-compete contracts (CNCs).  

Other compensation matters may involve appropriate compensation or contingent compensation, for which our financial analysts can prepare business valuations to aid in tax, partnership dissolution, or divorce actions.

For more information on our team’s capabilities in business valuation, please see our Business Valuation page.

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