We provide statistical, economic, financial, and accounting analysis of the construction and post-construction process.  Our services include analysis of construction delays, statistical sampling for construction defects, extrapolation analysis, and quality assurance cases.  Contact our team of expert analysts for economic impact analysis, environmental and local features impact, and economic valuation related to accidents and toxic exposure.

Construction Accidents

See Personal Injury or Class Action – Other.

Construction Defects

When it comes to construction defects cases, our experts build statistically sound samples (using randomized lists and other techniques) that provide a plan for your construction engineers.  Based on the findings from the visual and destructive testing, we implement simulations and Monte Carlo analyses to extrapolate from the sample to the whole.  Our experts can calculate confidence intervals and estimate the margin of error on these extrapolations.  We construct economic and financial projections of the loss stemming from construction defects.

Construction Delays

We analyze a wide range of potential costs resulting from completion delays in construction projects.  We analyze the impact of events such as third-party construction delays and contract breaches.

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