Class Action – Other

The PFC team of economists, financial analysts, statisticians, valuation experts, accountants, and data analysts can help you with class action litigation.  If you require credible, scientifically appropriate research and testimony, we can help.  Our team has worked on a wide range of class action and multiple plaintiff matters involving consumer fraud, financial fraud and related issues, discrimination, disparate impact, product liability, toxic torts, misrepresentation, improper fees, and more.  We have extensive experience dealing with toxic torts such as asbestos litigation.  We have worked on matters involving individuals residing in the majority of the United States.  Also, we have provided deposition and trial testimony in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country. 

Our interdisciplinary team can analyze existing data, collect data where appropriate, create relevant models, and address opposing research.  We communicate our findings in clearly written reports, meaningful graphics, and sworn testimony.  We also help with discovery and provide “shadow expert” services.  Let us use the numbers to help you tell the story.

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