Class Action – Employment & Compensation

Our expert team possesses extensive experience providing analysis, reports, and testimony in deposition and trial for a variety of class action and multiple plaintiff matters including Wage, Hour, & Overtime Violations.  We have the expertise to process electronic or hard copy data in order to estimate damages and compute jurisdiction-specific penalties (e.g., PAGA penalties in California).  If your project requires mass data entry, we can complete that task for you.  Our team includes database architects who can design a database specifically for your case.

Our team has extensive experience in estimating compensation.  Many of our compensation cases require us to perform calculations including: 

  • Prevailing Wage Issues
  • On-Call Issues
  • Unreimbursed Business Expenses
  • Base Rate and Overtime Calculations
  • Earnings and Benefits Assessment
  • Unpaid Time and Overtime Assessments
  • Complex Incentive Pay
  • Rest and Meal Periods Analysis

We can also help you with technical discovery, data presentation, and the design and interpretation of questionnaires.  Attorneys have utilized our expertise in some of the landmark cases in this area.  Whether you represent plaintiffs or defendants, we provide understandable and honest analysis and testimony.

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