About the Company

Trusted by attorneys, judges, and juries since 1982.

PFC and its predecessor entities have been providing expert consulting and testimony since 1991. Our principals, G. Michael Phillips and David Fractor, began consulting during the 1980s.  Mike started his litigative consulting career in 1982, and David entered the consulting field in 1988.  Our experts have testified on matters before Superior Courts and District Courts throughout California.  Yet, the Golden State is not the only place we work.  Our experts have experience in courts and venues throughout the United States and internationally.

PFC provides scientifically sound research and testimony. We value telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—even when we aren’t under oath. Clients purchase our time, not our opinion.  We listen to you, our client, to learn the specifics of your case.  You won’t receive a “cookie cutter” report.  We strive to provide high-quality, intellectually honest research and analytics services within the scope of our clients’ project parameters.  Our team uses industry-accepted professional and scientific standards and methods to provide unbiased analyses.  We have also developed techniques and approaches which have subsequently been adopted by other experts.

We value long-term client relationships and strive to offer transparent communications with few surprises.  Every PFC team member believes that ethical, objective research and testimony form the best basis for client success and long-term relationships.